It’s All About Your Champion Pet

NRG was born from a simple ideal. “It’s all about your champion pet”.

The NRG whole food family of products has grown over the 20 years to include revolutionary grain based carbohydrate and vegetable based carbohydrate canine diets, and irresistible treats.

Our Nutri-Lockā„¢ technology is proven the best method of retaining nutrition (when compared to freezing, baking or extruding). NRG diets are always balanced for ALL LIFE STAGES, always made with fresh table grade ingredients, always researched, always thoroughly tested. You always have confidence that you are doing the very best you can for your champion pet.

Not your ordinary micro pet food company, NRG has its’ own in house laboratory, and does pioneering pathogen research. Our research department is dedicated to working with mother nature. This partnership continues to evolve and the lessons mother nature teaches us are reflected in the evolution of NRG diets. Not your ordinary micro pet food company by anyone’s standards.

We guarantee to use the best ingredients your money can buy, prepare them sensibly, without preservatives, vitamin premixes, meals, probiotics or ingredients you cannot pronounce.

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New Beginnings: How NRG came to be

Organic Balance: All Natural Ingredients; No Synthetics

Ingredient Selection and Environmentally Friendly Sourcing

Quick facts

NRG is not comparable to any other dog food.

Our products stand alone as the only ready-to-serve foods that are balanced for all life stages using an organic balance from whole foods and all food groups.

We start with them freshest ingredients we can find and every step of preparation and assembly builds on that original fresh quality.

It’s a difference you can see when you open the box.

Why are NRG customers so loyal?
Because our no compromise approach is mirrored by the condition of your dog.