Welcome to the world of NRG Pet Products. The single most common question asked of us is: How did NRG come to be?

This 20 year journey was one of love. Old school chefs by trade, nutrition was very much a part of our lives. A pot of goodies for the dogs was always on the stove. This pot contained wholesome food from all food groups in a ratio similar to what was being served at the family table.

We were avid exhibitors and breeders of giant schnauzers and bearded collies and enjoyed the company of 2 dozen dogs.

One day we had a family coming to pick up their new puppy; they brought with them a friend who was a nutritionist for a pet food company. This young lady shared with us that it was her job was to discover novel ways to use waste products in their kibble.

At that moment, on that day, NRG was born. We never served another bowl of kibble ever again.

A collaboration with one of the top animal nutritionists in the country created a whole new way of feeding dogs.
To this day, we continue our journey, holding dear the philosophy that companion animals deserve whole food to help them love a long and healthy life.

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Organic Balance

Ingredients With Life

We only buy edible fresh products, all grower direct, all the time, all year long. Our low temperature dehydration retains all nutrients and produces a colourful, flavourful diet with the nutrition found in fresh ingredients to deliver a diet balanced FOR ALL LIFE STAGES without the addition of vitamins and minerals made in a lab.

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