The most copied pet food concept in the market today is the NRG line of dehydrated dog foods.  Pet food manufacturers can buy a selection of pre-dried ingredients that are appealing to the consumer and with the addition of a vitamin premix or “vitamin pac” as it is called in the industry, they have a “balanced feed” to put into a very attractive bag. The product is then marketed as being the same as NRG, but cheaper.

While NRG is often copied, it is never duplicated or improved upon.  After 20 years in the market place we are still the only company that purchases 100% FRESH products all year long and our process retains all the nutrition present in our fresh whole food ingredients. Our ingredients are selected from all food groups for the nutrition they contribute to our foods.

It’s what we call Organic Balance, as all the nutrients come from the earth and we do not need to use any inorganic man-made nutrients.  Every other balanced pet food made today is manufactured using supplement added nutrition. So while a label may say “dried carrots”, the addition of vitamin A supplement farther down the ingredient list means the nutrition from the carrot is not present and must be supplemented back into the diet. The carrot simply becomes a source of fiber.

Our low temperature, hand-made assembly process insures that the nutrient protection nature built in whole foods remains intact. The freshness and bio availability of the nutrients in our diets insures optimum nutrition. NRG diets offer a unique ingredient retained nutrition program to address the health conditions of your dog. It is exciting that the same whole food nutrition focused philosophy available for your and I has finally evolved for our pets.

Natural GMO-free Ingredients

Our ingredients are carefully selected from environmentally friendly sources.

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