Where can I buy NRG Pet Products online?

You can buy our products through Pet Only!

Can NRG be fed dry?

As a change, every once in a while, certainly. Our dogs are offered a small bowl of dry NRG about once a week. They do not ravish it like rehydrated NRG but they seem to enjoy the variety.

How do we switch to NRG?

Rehydrate the food as per instructions for 20 minutes and over a period of a week slowly replace what you are feeding now with NRG. Every dog food has a unique PH and a gradual switch allows the bacteria in the intestines to become accustomed to the change.

Can I mix NRG with other foods?

While feeding NRG as a sole diet will provide the best of benefits for your pet, lifestyle decisions dictate what and how your pet is fed. NRG can be fed in conjunction with other foods to your champion pet with amazing results. Feeding with kibble? Table scraps? Raw diets? Read more here.

Is there a different formula I should by for my puppy or elderly dog?

NRG produces All Life Stages products. You do not need to change the food for different ages, you need to change the volume. Just like at the family table. Read more here.

Feeding expecting Moms and Weaning Puppies

Feeding pregnant dogs NRG diets gives the best possible start to unborn puppies. Read more here.

What is the difference between food and feed?

Feed is something man made, used to “feed animals”.  In the agricultural industry animal feed is fed to animals destined for slaughter, not intended to live long lives.

Animal feed is a collection of ingredients that must be fortified with vitamins and minerals and amino acids to be balanced and support life.

Food nourishes the soul as well as the body.  Food for your pet should be a selection of whole food ingredients, selected for their nutrient value, combined and balanced to promote good health, without artificial supplements.

Do nutrient values change when you add water to dehydrated food?

All pet food is required to list a guaranteed analysis based on 100% dry matter (You can see these values on each individual Diet pages here).

This analysis allows factual comparison of crude nutrients. Some dehydrated companies have taken to touting an “as fed” nutrient value. This only confuses the pet owner. If you measure the food dry by the cup, you have put in the bowl let’s say 500 Kcal by using a one cup measure. Adding water does not change this, there is still 500 Kcal in the bowl after you add the water. The dog must simply now eat more volume to get the same nutrition.

Some new all meat diets are very high in fat (almost 50%) and the promo on the bag leads one to believe that adding water changes the fact that the diet is high in fat. If there are 5 cups to the kg, then each cup weighs 200 gr. At 50% fat that’s 100 grams of fat to the cup. Adding water does not change the fact that every time you put a cup of food in a bowl you are putting in 100 grams of fat.

Adding water to dry food simply means that the more water you add, the more your dog must eat to get all the nutrition you measured into the bowl.

Why do we use wheatgerm?

NRG whole food diets exclusively use whole food ingredients to supply the building blocks for balancing the diet. The germ of the wheat kernel accounts for 3% of the weight of the kernel. It’s the reproduction center of the plant and is also the nutrient dense part of the plant. This tiny particle provides essential nutrition that cannot easily be found in another food stuff.  This specialty product does not contain gluten and is not a known allergen to dogs. We feel the quality of the nutrients provided by wheat germ far outweigh any fads in the marketplace.

Why don’t you use potato?

Potato was an unheard of ingredient in pet food a decade ago. As the market shifted away from grain as a binder to hold kibble together, manufacturers searched for a carbohydrate to take grains place. Sweet potato was receiving positive press in the human food dialogue, so the move to potato was easy for pet food manufacturers. Seldom is whole potato seen on an ingredient label, just like whole grain was seldom seen on a pet food label many years ago. Potato is a very cheap binder and holds little nutrient value after being cooked into pet food. NRG does not use potato as we have no need for filler in our products.

Did you know, Potatoes are mostly a GMO product now?

What is the importance of essential fatty acids and their function?

Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids are essential in maintaining a functional defence against a daily barrage of potentially harmful microorganisms and toxins. Details on our Resource Centre page: Essential Fatty Acids.