NRG and Kibble

Consumers must resist comparison with kibble as the only thing NRG products have in common with kibble is convenience. NRG is made from whole food ingredients that are gently dehydrated and does not require or contain a vitamin premix. Kibble is not made with whole food ingredients and is harshly cooked and therefore requires the addition of a vitamin premix in order to be nutritionally adequate. One cannot ignore the pet owners desire to compare NRG to kibble. To ensure an accurate caloric comparison NRG VITAL II contains 500 calories in a cup, 5 cups to the pound and is 93% digestible. Most kibble contains an average 350 calories and is 75% digestible. Therefore one cup of NRG is equal to approximately 1.5 to 2 cups of kibble depending on brand.

NRG the Dehydrated Benchmark

Our whole food diets with oat based carbohydrates contain between 48% and 55% moisture when freshly made before dehydrating. Claims made by manufactures that their refreshed diets increase in weight to make 3 or 4 times more fresh food are simply claims that result in diluted calories, so the pet owner must feed more food per meal to satisfy their pet. It is not how much water you add back hoping to make more food, it is how much water you mix with the dehydrated food to return it to its original “fresh state”. When you measure dehydrated food to feed your dog, you measure dry cups. Any comparison should be done by dry measure.

NRG and Frozen Diets

NRG ingredients are of similar quality to those used by premium frozen pet food manufacturers. A quality and cost comparison between high quality meat based frozen diets and NRG MAXIM is appropriate as NRG MAXIM is grainless fresh food with the water removed.

1 kg Maxim NRG is calorically equivalent to approximately 10 lbs frozen pet food.


Quick Facts

So What does it cost to feed NRG?

To feed an 80 lb ball chasing very active dog our premium Maxim diet costs less than a couple of designer coffees a day.

We provide a low estimate of the number of cups per box as NRG products are hand made and crumb size can vary.