As a complete diet NRG is the premium diet for ALL LIFE STAGES. NRG diets are all formulated to meet AAFCO standards for ALL LIFE STAGES. While pet owners will decide how much NRG to include in their pets’ diet, there are some guidelines to ensure you are maximizing the benefits available to your pet. Activity, age and environment ultimately govern the amount of food you feed your dog.

Can I mix NRG with other foods?

While feeding NRG as a sole diet will provide the best of benefits for your pet, lifestyle decisions dictate what and how your pet is fed. NRG can be fed in conjunction with other foods to your champion pet with amazing results.

I feed kibble, can I top it with NRG instead of canned food?

If kibble is the bulk of your pets diet NRG can be mixed with any balanced kibble diet or simply added as a palatability enhancer. Adding NRG to a kibble diet not only improve palatability, but also add an important fresh factor (phytonutrients) to your pets diet.

What about leftovers as part of a healthy diet?

If left overs from the family dinner table are a part of your dogs‘ diet. NRG is a healthy addition to this feeding protocol. Save leftovers in the refrigerator until all food groups are represented and then offer them as a meal to your dog. Feed NRG as a separate meal to provide daily balanced nutrition.

I feed raw, is NRG compatible?

If a raw food diet is part of your feeding protocol NRG can be a positive addition. Offer NRG as a separate meal daily to provide the balanced portion of the diet that will maximize the contribution to your pets’ good health.

If NRG is only part of your feeding protocol, remember to mix NRG with other balanced diets. Serve NRG as a separate meal if the other portion of your pets diet is an unbalanced ration.

Feeding expecting Moms and Weaning Puppies

Feeding pregnant dogs NRG diets gives the best possible start to unborn puppies. Simply increase the amount of food as the pregnancy progresses monitoring the condition of the expecting mom and her stool quality. The lactating mom will have strong, healthy, milk flow and nursing puppies will experience the best possible start.

Weaning puppies whose nursing mom ate NRG will have an acquired taste for NRG that was passed to them through Mom’s milk. Well soaked NRG diets pureed in a blender and served the consistency of pablum is the healthiest of starts for a puppy. A puppy 8 weeks of age can eat NRG diets that are well soaked. Monitor your puppies weight and condition as you would a growing child and adjust your puppies diet accordingly.


The first offerings to puppies being weaned should be pureed in a blender to a cream soup consistency to facilitate them lapping it up.