NRG is nutrition from a less hurried time. Nutrilock technology locks nutrition into NRG diets until re-hydration at mealtime. The NRG foundation for nutrition begins with ingredient selection. Our strict selection protocol is the first step in ensuring your pet receives uncompromised nutrition.

Our protein is purchased fresh. We inspect every purchase before it is loaded on our truck. we continually monitor the husbandry provided for all animals approved for NRG Pet Products. Our specifications mean animals live free range, and are fed a natural diet that does not contain ANY meat meals or animal by-products. Strict standards ensure our protein is the best your money can buy for your champion pet. These strict standards are your guarantee that inappropriate feeding practises that can lead to BSE and other diseases or immune compromises are not part of NRG diets.

NRG shops North America for the freshest produce available. We contract only with organic suppliers first, and barring seasonable supply, growers that farm using environmentally responsible practises. We purchase only table grade ingredients (ingredients the same quality as you serve on your family dinner table). Fresh, whole fruits and vegetables are delivered daily and accepted only after inspection.

NRG grows a select variety of naked oats on the Canadian prairie and on the rolling hillsides surrounding our production facility. Closely inspect the NRG Vital II Blend and you can see oat hulls from the wild oats that invade our cultivated oats. This is a natural result of our environmentally friendly farming practises.

NRG is committed to serving the very best naturally!

NRG does not use any ingredients from China!