NRG diets are formulated with ingredient retained nutrition.

Vitamins and minerals present in the whole food ingredients remain intact and bio-available without preservatives.

NRG diets do not need to be fortified with manufactured vitamins or mineral premixes to be complete, nor do they suffer the nutritional loss associated with frozen diets.

The complete NRG line of diets for canines and are formulated,researched, trialed, and manufactured with veterinary supervision.

  • Excellent as palatability enhancers
  • Only table grade ingredients
  • Convenient alternative to frozen diets
  • Raw and cooked protein choices
  • Diets balanced for all life stages
  • Grain based and grain-less diets

NRG Products are proudly researched, tested and manufactured in Canada exclusively from fresh ingredients grown in North America.

NRG does not use any ingredients from China.