While the grain vs. no grain controversy divides many who simply want the best for their dogs, NRG’s research supports the value of both feeding protocols and finds evidence that balanced whole food diets, with or without grain are the key to good health in the canine.

Dogs by definition are opportunistic omnivores. Which means, they will eat what they can, when they can, to survive. In the not so modern world, the Thailand Dingo dog and its direct descendant the wild Australian Dingo dog illustrate that opportunity is often the key factor in diet choice. The Thailand Dingos are domesticated village dogs that roam freely with chicken and pigs, yet thrive on a diet that is 80% rice and bananas. Their Australian descendants roam the outback and eat a diet of 80% raw meat. The domesticated Thailand dog escaped from the early settlers of Australia and became a feral dog, the canine that is now known as the wild dingo dog. Survival meant learning to hunt and eat a meat based diet.

While many believe that dogs are by nature are meat eaters only, this instance shows that evolution has examples of dogs being omnivores. And for the 15,000 years man has shared his life with the canine he has also shared the food from the family table with him.

NRG believes that great health comes from the inclusion of all whole foods that supply the nutrition for life. Avoiding a complete food group and having to use supplemented vitamins and minerals for nutrition is not part of the NRG philosophy. Even NRG Maxim diets contain a small amount of wheat germ as this nutrient dense ingredient is a power house of natural source B vitamins and does not contain the gluten that many dogs have become intolerant to because of the use of waste grain products by kibble manufactures.

NRG has done extensive blood testing to monitor glucose levels of canines fed diets formulated with different energy sources. Canines fed NRG Canine Blend with naked oats as one of the energy sources, had a glucose curve that was more desirable (consistent and maintained) than canine fed a diet with fat used as a primary energy source. These findings formed the basis for the 15 years of research that have been dedicated to the development of NRG ‘s foundation formula VITAL II Canine Blend. Blood glucose curves of dogs fed diets manufactured from processed grain were not as consistent or maintained as the results from diets containing whole grain.


Soft foods with the correct PH can aid in oral health.

Providing chewing opportunities will maximize the oral health benefits of feeding NRG